Landlord Gas Safety Certificate: All you need to know

All you need to know... Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Gas Saftey Checks are essential for landlords to carry out on an annual basis. Here is everything a landlord needs to know regarding the current rules and regulations surrounding Gas Safety Certificates!

What is a Gas Safety Check?

The Gas Safety Regulations (Installation and Use) 1998 ensure that landlords and lettings agents check the safety of all gas fittings, appliances and flues within all their properties as well as ensuring there are no leaks. This should be carried out annually, or before a house is rented out for the first time.

How often should a Gas Safety Check be conducted?

Landlords must renew their gas safety certificate every year.

The deadline would be at the end of the 12 month period. Landlords can renew their certificate up to two months prior to the deadline date. Once the check has been completed, the certificate will cover from the deadline date until 12 months late. For example, your deadline may be on July 1st 2022, but you could get a check on 1st May 2022 and will stay valid until July 1st 2023.

What does a gas safety check involve?

A Gas Safe Registered Engineer will visit the property and conduct an inspection on appliances such as gas hobs and ovens, gas boilers and hot water cylinders. They may carry out a couple of tests such as testing the tightness at the gas meter to ensure there are no leaks.

The check would usually take around half an hour, depending on the size of the property.

When will I receive my Gas Safety Certificate?

After your inspection, the engineer will send you a digital copy of the Landlord Gas Safety Record, which is also known as a Gas Safety Certificate or CP12.

The certificate includes:

  • The date the check was conducted
  • The name, registration number and signature of the engineer
  • The address of the property
  • A description and location of each appliance
  • Information about any faults and how they should be resolved

What happens if the property fails the Gas Safety Check?

Any appliances deemed as unsafe will be marked on the certificate as ‘Not safe to use’. There are three categories that appliance could fall into:

  1. Immediately Dangerous (ID): An appliance poses an immediate danger to life
  2. At Risk (AR): An appliance or installation with at least one fault that could be a danger to life.
  3. Not to Current Standards (NCS): An appliance or installation that does not meet the current safety appliances but is technically safe.

Any appliances that pose an immediate danger may cause the gas engineer to request permission to turn off the gas supply. Any work that is needed will be recommended by the engineer to solve any faults.

When should I give my tenants a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate?

After your annual safety check, a copy must be sent to your current tenants as soon as possible. The certificate should be sent within 28 days of the inspection for any current tenants. New tenants should be provided with the certificate at the beginning of their tenacy.

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