Why Landlords Should Choose a Local, Small Property Management Company

Why Landlords Should Choose A Local, Small Property Management Company

When it comes to managing rental properties, landlords can choose between using a local, small property management company, or a large, multi-site estate agent who focuses on multiple areas of property rather than just letting. While both options may seem appealing at first glance, here is why the smaller, local property management companies should be considered.



1. Personalised Service

Local, small property management companies are able to provide more personalised services to landlords and tenants. As they only focus on lettings, they can focus on building strong relationships with each of them. As a result, landlords can expect more personalised attention to their property management needs, rather than being treated like just another number.


2. Local Knowledge

Local property management companies have extensive knowledge of the local area, including its housing market, neighbourhoods, and regulations. This allows them to provide landlords with valuable insights into the local rental market and make informed decisions about their properties.


3. Property Management Expertise

Unlike large estate agents who focus on selling properties, local small property management companies specialise in property management. They have the expertise and experience needed to effectively manage rental properties, including tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance and repairs.


4. Greater Accountability

Local property management companies have a greater sense of accountability to their clients. They are typically more responsive to landlord inquiries and concerns and are more likely to prioritise their needs over those of other clients. This can help ensure that landlords receive the high level of service and attention that they deserve.


5. Cost Effective

Finally, smaller property management companies are often more cost-effective than larger estate agents. They typically have lower overhead costs and can pass these savings on to their clients. This can help landlords to maximise their profits and minimise their expenses.


In conclusion, while there are certainly advantages to using a large, multi-site estate agent for property management, there are several compelling reasons why landlords should consider choosing an independent, small property management company instead. With personalised service, local knowledge, property management expertise, greater accountability, and cost-effectiveness, local property management companies can provide landlords with the high level of service and attention that they need to effectively manage their rental properties.

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